I’m Dakota, I am the author, photographer and thought behind this online diary of mine.

I enjoy writing about my life, the places I go to, the things I do, as I enjoy sharing my ideas etc with other people, including the many, that is my friends and family.
I currently live in New Zealand, hence a lot of my entries about life in New Zealand.
I immigrated to New Zealand when I was young, along with part of my family, however, my family is spread all over the world. America, Australia, France, Hong Kong… everywhere!
I’m of mixed ethnicity, I guess this has enabled me to be so open to people from all over the world, as most of my friends are of some ethnic background.
Also, I grew up around a pretty international family, with associates and friends from all over the place. For a part of my life I lived in total immersion with a Taiwanese family, so I have a deep understanding of culture, and I enjoy adapting to it.

Photography is a passion of mine, and the next best thing is coffee! I enjoy coffee, especially espresso coffee, I’m not really an instant coffee drinker, but in desperate situations, I give in.

Art is another thing that interests me, one of my favorite artists is Gustav Klimt! I really enjoy his varied range of abstract style, especially for the period of time in which he expressed his pieces, I in particular like his art that features “Eurasian” features.

Travel is ultimately my favorite thing, I enjoy meeting and understanding other peoples interpretation of life, I enjoy talking.

My dream is to live in southern France or old Istanbul! I am obsessed with Parisian design and architecture! I think the French are some of the most refined people in the world. It is not unusual to find me draped across my living room sofa watching French short films or Rialto international cinema. I am not the type of person that is deeply fascinated by mass produced movies, particularly the “HollyWood” range. I am more intrigued by short films from France, Italy, Turkey, and parts of Asia. That also goes for my music genre. My favorite musical genre would have to be classical and alternative, however, my favorite music is Middle Eastern music.

Anyway, that is just a snippet of me, and my life. Thanks for reading my blog, I admire the comments I get from people in relation to my writing and my photographs.

If you’d like to contact me, just send an e-mail over to: dakoath[at]gmail[dot]com

Dakota ~

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