Thanks for clicking this page and checking out my items, if you would like to purchase any of my items or ask me any questions please contact me.

By the way, just for your own interest, I thought I’d tell you a bit about the Jewelry 🙂
All of the beads come from Austria and Milan, Italy AND some of the beads on my other items such as some of my bracelets and necklaces come from all over the world, too many countries to note, but here are a few: India, Tibet, Africa, Nepal, U.S.A, Mexico, Turkey, France, Thailand, Pakistan, Israel and many more .. In my opinion this gives the Jewelry more of a personality! There are too many mass produced items on the market made from plastic, and junk metal fixtures, however my ideal is to give you the opportunity to buy something unique that has a fusion of design and culture in it rather than just a stamp out from a department store.
Dakota ~

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